Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Explore the collection of tiny islands scattered off Trinidad’s north-west peninsula, separated by the sea channels called the Bocas del Dragon. Journey Down "D" Islands to the history, flora and fauna rich islets. 


Our Tours include visits to the "Five Islands", Gaspar Grande Island, Monos Island and Chacachacare Island with the Gasparee Caves, Biscayne Bay, Scotland Bay Turtle Bay and Perruquier Bay as the highlights.

Gasparee Cave, Gaspar Grande Island, & Monos Island Tour

Enjoy a 3 in 1 Down "D' Islands adventure! Visit Gaspar Grande Island for a scenic nature walk around the island and a guided tour of the world famous Gasparee Caves. End the day off at Monos Island for a visit to Biscayne Bay for a dip in its calm clear waters. 


The Gasparee Cave is an extraordinary cave system filled with stalactites and stalagmites, sinkholes and a crystal pool that shimmers like glass. Gaspar Grande Island is also home to many unique flora and fauna as well as relics of a World War II gunnery.

2018 Schedule:

Sunday 28th January

Monday 2nd April (Easter Monday) 

Tuesday 19th June (Labour Day)

Saturday 11th August 

Sunday 21st October

Sip and Sail

Enjoy the experience of a luxury yacht as you relax, unwind and cruise Down “D” Islands with your team to some of your favourite music. Stops at Turtle Bay and Scotland Bay will cap off a day well spent.


Includes BBQ lunch, snacks, fun games and activities including inflatables and rafts! Walk with your drinks to sip! As we sail around the islands! 

2018 Schedule:

Sunday 25th March

Sunday 1st July

DDI Xplore

Enjoy a cruise around the Five Islands with a guided boat tour and visit the beaches on Monos Island- the beautiful Biscayne Bay and Chacachacare Island the closest to the Venezuelan coast with its calm and soothing Perruquier Bay.

The Five Islands are actually 6 islands that include Caledonia, Craig, Lenagan, Rock, Pelican & Nelson.

2018 Schedule:

Sunday 25th February

Sunday 20th May

Saturday 30th September 


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