Lovelle Drachman. 

 Because sometimes you need to just getaway, logoff and unwind and one of the best ways to do that is to enjoy the peace and serenity of nature.


Our outdoor activities include Camping and Fishing Trips and Wilderness Survival Training in Trinidad and Tobago. Learn to pitch a tent, build a campfire, hunt, set traps and cast a fishing line! We create the means and supply the equipment and expertise.

Go Fish! 

Experience the relaxation and excitement of Fishing. Take a trip Down “D” Islands! with experienced fishermen and see if you can land a spectacular catch! 

This trip is specifically designed for those new to fishing, learn to tie bait, cast your line and reel in your catch! Possible catches include Reef Fish like Cro Cro, Salmon, Grunts and Snappers.  To round off the trip we will drop anchor at Scotland Bay for a relaxing beach bath. 

2018 Schedule:

Sunday 14th January 

Saturday 10th March 

Sunday 31st May (Corpus Christi Holiday)

Saturday 21st July 

Saturday 15th September

Saturday 18th November

Can you survive 24 hours in the wild? Learn outdoor survival tactics from trained and experienced military and outdoor survivalist personnel. 

Including building shelters using ponchos, making and cooking with bamboo utensils, hunting and making snare traps to catch game, how to design camp security including walls, trip lines and alarm systems. Also learn how to use magnesium flint, cotton fire balls, and fire sticks to start fire as well as how to tie a series of important knots that could help in a survival situation and in everyday life.

2018 Schedule:

Dates to be announced

Coming Soon

Wilderness Survival Training

Overnight Camping

Our camping trips are a perfect experience for persons who have never camped before and we will be providing your main camping equipment… The tents!


Our Chacachacare Island experience includes a visit to the Salt Pond, a Night Hike to the Lighthouse with access to La Tinta Bay and Perruquier Bay. 


Our Paria Bay experience includes a challenging hike with the breathtaking Paria Bay and Paria Waterfall within easy access. 


Our Matelot Camping trip is a beachfront camping experience with the calm lazy river just a few feet away. 


Our Lopinot Camping trip including a cultural experience including cocoa dancing, a tour of the Lopinot Estate and Martin Gomez cave. There is also a nearby river for added fun. 



Our Camping Team Includes: Experienced Hike Leaders, Group Coordinators, Medical and Security personnel. 

2018 Schedule:

Saturday 14th April- Lopinot

Saturday 30th June- Chacachacare 

Saturday 4th August- Paria Bay 

Saturday 6th October- Matelot 

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