A Mermaid Pool Hike-Venture

Road Trip TT hosted its first hike for 2016 on January 24th to the Mermaid Pool in Matura Village, Salybia. With 72 eager and excited hikers many of whom were new to hiking, it truly was a memorable experience and a day well spent.

Patrons enjoyed a pre-hike warmup before they hit the trail which was just about 35 minutes long. The hike was rated as “Easy” with a 3 out of 10 rating so it was one that families and kids over five years could easily participate in.

We started up a gradual incline through a peaceful, scenic, unspoiled pine forest. Then we trekked downhill until we meet the cool waters of the Matura River. From there the real adventure started. We had to hike upstream through the river where we encountered limestone formations of cascades, mini-rapids, gorges and smaller pools.

Upon our arrival at our destination, the Mermaid Pool did not disappoint! Just as in photos online, its tranquil, cool waters radiated emerald green against the sunlight. It was a welcome reward to all the hikers who enjoyed a soothing dip and basked in the beauty and serenity of the picturesque landscape that surrounds the pool.

Road Trip TT Hike-Ventures include a Survival Snack Pack, Gatorade, Bottled Water and Transportation. Our Hike Team Includes: Experienced Hike Leaders, Group Coordinators, Medical, Security and Photography personnel.

Our next Hike-Venture is to the Avocat Waterfall and Three Pools on Sunday 21st February, 2016.

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