Exploring the Natural Wonders of South Trinidad

On March 13th twenty five zealous Roadtrippers set off to explore the wonders of the South Land. All of whom were first time visitors to the Wild Fowl Trust and Pitch Lake, two of our stops.

Our first stop brought us to the Wild Fowl Trust in Pointe-à-Pierre where we were greeted by the most knowledgeable and passionate tour guide along with the melodic tunes of the Trust’s birds and cries of wandering peacocks. Patrons were informed of the Trust’s mandate and the diverse species of plants and animals located within the small wetland area.

A cool walk around the circular trail allowed for a full view of the lake. Patrons got the opportunity to view a variety of ducks, a lotus flower in full bloom and even taste a few plants. We know the children will definitely remember their experience feeding the Tilapia fishes in the lake.

Eager to experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pitch Lake, we continued our journey to La Brea. Our experience at the Pitch Lake was a true testament of our daring spirits. The grouped moved across the hardened pitch through the drizzled as some skipped over the many sulphur pools formed from the rain while some didn’t miss the chance to wade through the healing waters.

The heavy rain and strong winds met us at the centre of the lake but armed with umbrellas; well at least most of us; we continued our quest to other end of the lake. It was definitely worth it! We were at The Mother of the Lake. Oohs and Wows could be heard as the guide scooped up the dark liquid asphalt from the ground.

To end a most eventful and informative day we made the short journey to Vessigny Beach to enjoy the calm waves and scenic sunset.

The Road Trips like these are definitely for the adventure seeker, the nature lover, the history enthusiast and those who have a passion for new experiences.

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