Camping under the Full Moon and Stars

Laughter and banter could be heard while the Road Trip team distributed the sponsored prizes to our campers who earned the highest points from our 36 hour Survival Challenge.

Okay let us rewind! Just after dawn, sixteen patrons gathered at Mt. Hope car park for a debriefing before the 3 ½ hour motorcade journey along the scenic the Northeast Coast to the peaceful fishing village of Matelot. With intermediary stops and winding roads we arrived just before lunch time.

Challenge 1 – Pitch you tent! Campers displayed great teamwork as they enthusiastically pitched their tents on the river bank next to the Dorcas Women's Camping Site. For most it was their first time camping and they soaked in every moment of the experience. After lunch the group of adventure lovers used their personal time to settle in and explore the beach, river and the campsite.

A few hours later the challenges continued after a brief interactive session on Survival 101. Challenge 2 Snake Alert! Challenge 3 List you Survival Items! Challenge 4 Knot it Up! Challenge 5 Bonfire Starters! Definitely a highlight.

As twilight stepped in, the Road Trip TT team along with campers scavenged for wood and began preparing for the outdoor BBQ. Roasting marshmallows by the campfire, a full moon and a river bath brought an end to a perfect night while good conversation over breakfast brought a start to a new and relaxing day. That morning the campers enjoyed a relaxing morning of recreation. From fishing to swimming in the east coast waters while others engaged in what should have friendly matches of Uno and Paddle Ball.

And we are back to where we began. Tents dismounted and all vehicles packed and ready to go but not before we reminisced on the last 36 hrs. The camp champions were crowned and others awarded for their great skill and support. Being immersed in a distinctively contrasting environment from the hustle and bustle of “city” life was a much welcomed rejuvenation all for the week ahead.

Let’s submerge you in nature so you can … Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea and Drink the wild air. Can’t wait to meet you at our next Road Trip TT adventure!

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