An Eco-Rich Tobago East Coast Experience

While our Trini families and friends were preparing to celebrate light over darkness and relish in the sizzling taste of East Indian delicacies for Divali the Road Trip TT team along with 15 keen travellers ventured to the Eastern Coast of Tobago for a four day adventure!

Although our Funcations have taken us to the sister isle on five previous occasions we were eager to experience the majestic scenic eco- rich east coast.

Our accommodation at the Naturalist Beach Resort was nothing less than enjoyable. Nestled on the right end of the Castara Bay, the Resort met our every need with its fully furnished apartments. The local breakfast and morning beach baths were definitely a highlight.

Etched in our memories will be our journey to Little Tobago and the Forest Reserve with world renowned birdwatcher, Newton George who transformed all us into budding birding enthusiasts. Our east coast adventure also led us on trails to a majestic waterfall, calm and pristine beaches that were for swimming and the most picturesque lookouts and forts that towered over glistening emerald bays and perfectly sculptured coastlines.

Road Trip TT’s Destination Adventure Travel is perfect for the thrill seeker, nature lover and budding explorer. Join us for our next experience, let’s decorate that passport and create lasting memories!

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