Top 5 Lookouts in Trinidad

Lookouts are a great place to relax, enjoy some amazing breath-taking views and to take the best selfies and landscape photos. Because of our northern and southern ranges, Trinidad isn’t short of these magnificent sightseeing spots. Here’s a list of Road Trip TT’s Top 5 Lookouts in Trinidad.

1. Maracas Bay Lookout

This may just be the most popular lookout in Trinidad. The Maracas Lookout provides photo-framed views of the Caribbean Sea gracing the coastline of the Northern Range inclusive of the frequently visited Maracas Bay.It’s a perfect stop if you have the munchies for some local sweets, preservatives and chow of just about any fruit you can think of.

2. Fort George

Built in 1804, Fort George was once the major defence position on the island. On one side one can indulge in panoramic view of St. James, the western part of POS and the Gulf of Paria while the other offers the amazing sight of the Diego Martin Valley.

3. Mount St. Benedict

Established in 1912, stands the oldest monastery in the region. Also referred to as the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile provides views of the East-West corridor and the entire Caroni plains as well as up close look at the lush green majestic Northern Range

4. Chacachacare Island Lighthouse

Named El Caracol (the snail) by Christopher Columbus because of its shape, Chacachacare, the largest and last of the Bocas islands, lies just 8 miles from Venezuela.The lighthouse stands on the highest point on the island and gives picturesque views of the Venezuelan mainland and some the other islands in the “Down D Islands” chain including Huevos and Monos.

5. San Fernando Hill

The scenic landscape of the city of San Fernando can be absorbed from the summit of the San Fernando Hill. Once a place of worship by Amerindians, San Fernando Hill was called Anaparima Hill (single hill). It's now a place for recreation that hosts weddings and special events. The view is even more fantastic at night.

What are your Top 5 Lookout’s in Trinidad?

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