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Tale of Natura (Series)- Chikara’s Curse

November 4, 2019

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Top 5 Waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago

August 13, 2017

A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of drops in the course of a stream or river. Because of our many rivers Trinidad and Tobago is known to have an abundance of waterfalls, each with its own unique characteristics. 


Here  in no particular order is a list of Road Trip TT's Top 5 Waterfalls in T&T.


1. Rio Seco Waterfall 


The Rio Seco Waterfall is within the Matura National Park and thus is a protected area. The falls is located in Salybia, Matura and its entrance is obliquely opposite the Salybia Beach. The trek to the waterfall takes approximately 45 minutes. The river runs along the trail so at specific points one can get sneak peeks of it through the flora.


What makes the falls so impressive is the expansive emerald green basin for swimming with both shallow and deep areas. One can bask in the magnificent scenery and the picturesque landscape and those seeking a thrill can jump 15ft into the sparkling aquamarine beauty of the pool. 


2. Turure Water Steps


The Turure River flows over multi-level limestone rocks and cliffs giving the appearance of water flowing over steps. At the base of each water step there are jacuzzi-like pools of varying sizes for your bathing pleasure. Along the 60 minute trek one can indulge in the lush green flora and refreshing streams that have to be crossed.


The continuous running water makes it easy to climb or walk on the limestone to get from one pool to the other. Perching yourself under the cascading water for a relaxing back massage is quite easy at the Turure Water Steps. The centre of attraction is the wide vertical waterfall. The width of the rock is about 50-60 feet by 25 feet in height. 




3. Paria Waterfall


The hike to Paria Waterfall offers some of the most picturesque views which acts as the reward after completing this 2 ½ hr land trail. However, one can take a 30 minute boat ride that stops at the mouth of the Paria River which tremendously shortens your trek.


The coastal wall asses a few beaches before reaching Paria Bay. Photo opportunities can be taken at Turtle Rock and the Paria Arch, also known as the Cathedral Rock. The pristine waters of the Northern Range tumbles over the rocks into a refreshing pool.



4. Argyle Waterfall


Fed by the Argyle River this waterfall has an estimated height of 130 ft. It is fair to describe it as Tobago’s most popular falls. It shows its splendour in the three levels of cascading water that are all easily explorable. The top level is best for standing under the gushing water while the second is like an infinity pool where you can absorb nature’s beauty. The ground level is expansive and perfect for swimming.


Argyle Waterfall is located on the Roxborough Estate and the relatively easy walk to the falls takes about 20 minutes. To receive a guided tour to the falls one can pay a small entrance fee.