Top 10 Outdoor Adventures

In no particular order here's a list of Road Trip TT's Top 10 Favourite Outdoor Adventures!

1. Snorkelling- Swim among the fishes and coral reefs in clear blue waters.

2. Ziplining- Absorb the aerial views and experience the thrill of zipping on cable lines over 80 feet in the air!

3. Jet Skiing- Skim across the waters at full throttle and explore the ocean!

4. Rock Climbing- See you at the top! Show your determination by ascending natural rock walls one hand and foot at a time.

5. ATV Riding- It's all about mud, sweat and gears! Drive an all-terrain vehicle along exciting dirt trails!

6. Rappelling- Bounce off as you make your descent along the side of a cliff!

7. Hiking- Enjoy walks along scenic coastlines or forested trails to experience waterfalls, rivers, mud volcanoes and more!

8. Archery- Ready... Take aim... Breathe... Fire... Bullseye... Repeat!

9. Camping- Erect your tent, build a bonfire and roast marshmallows as you prepare to sleep under the stars!

10. Kayaking- Paddle your way across tranquil waters with scenic views around you.