Why go on a 4x4 Off Road Adventure with Road Trip TT

Road Trip TT’s excursion to Caura River promises an adrenaline rush, time to relax and the perfect opportunity to bond with friends, family or even strangers. The outing begins with accessing the river, which more than fulfills the thrill quota for the day. Jump into the tray of a 4x4 off road vehicle and hold onto the sides tightly with anticipation as you cross shallow rivers and drive through the forest, flying over humps and diving into ditches as you go.

A verdant tunnel welcomes you upon your arrival at the river, the sky covered over with dense trees of all sorts. Leaving the 4x4s to explore, you can’t escape submerging your feet in the river water, cool to the touch. In the distance, birdcalls and other sounds of the forest provide the perfect background to take a moment to watch the foamy water swirl gently around the jewel-stained stones which punctuate the riverbed.

It’s easy to get lost in thought there. The water gurgling as it creates its own path around the stones is enough to put you into a meditative trance. However, the excitement of the river also beckons. Though the river has a tiny waterfall, its plunge pool is quite deep. Touch the emerald depths of the pool by diving off of the low concrete walls surrounding the falls. When you are ready to take a break, resurface and climb onto one of the wide, mossy rocks on the riverbank, velvet to the touch. Bask in the dappled light, which warms you up as it streams through bamboo shoots that whisper with the wind.

It was right there on one of those velveteen rocks that I spent most of the Sunday afternoon watching families bond and children playing, spraying each other with water guns and paddling around the river in a blow up boat. The walls of bamboo surrounding the river blocked out the heat and the noise of the outside world, engulfing our group in a cool bubble. It’s easy to forget about these hidden parts of Trinidad when you live the commuter life daily, but spending a Sunday at Caura River removes stress and definitely puts you in a better frame of mind to handle the week ahead.


Nitya Gittens is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Trinidad and Tobago. She considers herself a true culture vulture and spends an irrationally large amount of her free time planning vacation trips and befriending other people’s dogs.

She also enjoys sharing her experiences as an adventurer and a traveller through her articles written for Road Trip TT.

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